The Florida Project

The Florida Project is my favorite film that I watched in 2017, by a director who’s intent on highlighting the ‘hidden homeless’ of America.

Highlighting the families that live in a rundown motel in the middle of Orlando, the movie manages to be bleak and uplifting all at once. You can understand a lot about these residents through a single line the six-year-old main character tells her friend as they walk through the property:

”The man who lives in here gets arrested a lot. The woman in here thanks she’s married to Jesus.”

…and the way that a woman explains her own living situation which two young children as she moves into the motel:

”These aren’t mine. Well, they’re mine now. My daughter made me a grandmother when she was 15. So I’m looking after them until she stops acting like her stupid father.“

The movie never loses it’s hope, though. The young girl takes her friend to her favorite spot in an Orlando park, and says this:

”You know why this is my favorite tree? ‘Cause it’s tipped over and it’s still growing.“

We’re all still growing.

Reminds me of: ‘Tangerine