Holy Heritics – Brian Zahnd

A podcast with the author of ‘Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God‘.

“The Bible itself is on the journey to discover the word of God.”

Jesus himself reinterprets texts to suit his own needs. We just need to follow his interpretation.

“To repent is to rethink. If we’re going to talk about who’s following Jesus, some must repent of their understanding of the Bible.”

“Repent” is a word worth repenting from.

“The wrath of god is a metaphor for the self-inflicted suffering that we endure when we go against the grain of the universe that is the grain of love because God is love.”

If we understood love and wrath, our lives would be different.

“Once you push Jesus out of being Lord and give someone else rule of this world, Jesus gets demoted to Secretary of Afterlife Affairs—but salvation is best understood as some kind of belonging. The word salvation is virtually never used by Jesus. He talks about the kingdom of God, announcing and enacting the new arrangement of human society that comes from heaven to earth. Paul rarely talks about the kingdom of god but he always talks about salvation. Here’s the thing: They’re talking about the same thing. Salvation is our own participation in the kingdom of God.”

“The kingdom of God” is at hand. It’s you.

Reminds me of: ‘A New Kind of Christianity‘ by Brian McLaren