Hurry Slowly – Tyler Cowan

The Quiet Dangers of Complacency’ from the author of ‘The Complacent Class

“Apps like Yelp stop you from walking through a neighborhood and exploring. It makes intuition almost underrated.”

I’d like to try and rely more on my intuition when I travel. As a huge user of apps like Yelp (and more and more, Instagram) when traveling, I’m sure that there’s so much I miss because I’m making a beeline to the thing that got 400 5-star ratings. That’s complacency.

“The purpose of moving is self-transformation“ – James Jasper

As time goes on, people are becoming less likely to move to a new state for opportunity. That seems backwards.

“Complacency is in many ways extremely pleasant and people like it.”

The thing that keeps you scrolling on Twitter or Instagram instead of doing something is the same force which has much larger ramifications on your life. The reason that it wins? You like it.

“We say we’re busy, but things like social media are what’s making us harried. That’s not true busy-ness.”

I am often guilty of this. How many days have I felt frenzied, only to write my todo list down and realize that I could get to it all in a few hours? The ‘harried’ feeling comes from the noise, not the need.

“Change will lead to insight more often than insight will lead to change.” – Milton Erickson

Love this quote. I need to read some Erickson.

“Music is much less culturally central than it used to be. Same as movies. Social media is obviously more central, and encourages complacency. So does television, they stick with a series even if it isn’t great. It also keeps you in the house.”

I think this is worth chewing on. How do you make art in a culture of complacency, that’s not only popular but incites change?

Reminds me of: ‘The Inevitable’ By Kevin Kelly

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