The Tim Ferriss Podcast – Tim O’Reilly

An interview with the founder of O’Reilly Media and author of ‘WTF?

“I’m like the Cookie Monster. When given the option between a cookie and anything else, I’ll take the cookie.”

A great question to ask yourself when trying to figure out what ignites your passion. “What’s my cookie?” This seems to be key, especially for a polymath.

“When we change the rules, what happens to the people who played by the old ones? A lot of what’s broken is this layering of ideas that change, but change incompletely.”

When an idea changes incompletely, how can you fight for justice, or force more complete change?

“Sometimes it’s hard to write documentation on something that isn’t working correctly, but that’s when documentation is most needed.”

It’s easy to feel like something can’t be done when a flaw is out of your control. It’s harder to step up and fix the flaw.

“Debugging a computer shows you the difference between what you intended to do and what it actually did.”

Interesting to hear someone speak about the world through the lens of programming (and quite well!) I imagine this will become more and more common in the coming years.

Reminds me of: The recent clearing of marijuana convictions in San Francisco.