Hurry Slowly – Fanny Auger

Conversation isn’t about talking.’ Great insights from the author of ‘Treve de Bavardages’.

“Today the true luxuries are silence and time.”

The author argues that we see ‘luxury’ as money, as privilege, as riches—but that isn’t really true anymore. Certainly, we are living in a time of extreme wealth…so what is luxury, today. It’s how much time we have. It’s how much silence we are granted. Those are the rarities.

“Silence is a gift you offer to the other person. It allows the other party time to formulate his or her opinion.”

I think I can learn from this. I often find myself jumping to insert my ideas or thoughts into a conversation, but silence shouldn’t be fought. It should be embraced. What would happen if we all granted a little more silence to fill our time with others?

”People are craving to be listened to. Consider it a gift to the other person when you keep your phone in your bag.”

I would love to see our culture shift towards understanding this on a large scale. When you put your phone a way and ignore an incoming text or call, you aren’t doing a disservice to the person on the other end, you are doing an extreme kindness to the person that you’re in the room with, right now.

Reminds me of: ‘Island’ by Aldous Huxley.